Building *NEW* GUPPY BREEDING POND!! (fish shopping)

нийтэлсэн 2021 Луу 28-нд
Үзсэн тоо 537 830

In today’s video I go to the pet store and purchase everything I need to create a DIY guppy breeding pond! Plants, rocks, filter, oxygen pump, you name it. The goal is to breed these pretty colorful fish and watch the babies grow! I also go fish shopping to stock our new pond, so stay tuned and enjoy😁🐟

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Paul Cuffaro
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      @Kevin Aldana l

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      You should make some videos of the goats!

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      l love your fish

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      I love the vids

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    What a nice guppy's!!!! Cool!!!

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    Kevin is a Moscovy! You're first person with animals I've seen with a Moscovy

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    I have guppies they don’t stop breeding

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    Nice broo ❤️

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    Lebih baik beli di tempat ku goceng aja lebih lebar

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    Thank you so much Paul you really have helped me out so much with my fish tank.

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    Naha sia teh

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    Hey Paul I really enjoy your content, but I got a question how did you start you channel like what made you want to do it and how did you get big in subs

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    pass 20'000 let's see that vid.



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    Malayali undooo😁😁😁😁😁😁😇

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    If I had a fishpond it’ll be my cat dinner in a few hours.

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    Do betta video again there beautiful fish

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    Want to see you breeding.

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    FISHHHHHHH!!! Like Guppys! :)

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    That baby racoon- **dies of wholesomeness and cuteness**

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    Paul is really tall

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    My beta fish is 5 years old

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    How long do pigs live?

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    update on indoor fish🙂?

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    Can you make a video all about axolotl’s please I’m your biggest fan

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    At 18:18 it sounded like he said look at the little bithes

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    Reply faster.

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    7:43 happy? The bettas aren't happy in this small Thing buy then All to get then in a bigger thank i don't like to See them in a so small box

  • Kourtney Seaton

    Kourtney Seaton

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    Paul My name is Baylor and has never gotten a shoutout I have been watch for over 2 years

  • Tharuveen dass

    Tharuveen dass

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    Paul guppies don't need a filter you can put some live plant in the tub
    I bought six guppies and they breed now I have 60+

  • Art Of Money

    Art Of Money

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    Why does he have “Made In China” on his neck in Chinese 🇨🇳 😂🤣
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  • Afonso Combo

    Afonso Combo

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    i think u forget to put a water conditioner, as chlorine will kill the benficial bacterias that u introduce with api quick start, other than that some rocks and wood without the cascate from nearby pounds/rivers and it will look much more natural and provide more cover to the fish

  • jeff c

    jeff c

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    You should be using sponge filters in that pond/tank. The baby guppies will get sucked up and some of them of them will get stuck in that filter.

  • Jennifer Fruit

    Jennifer Fruit

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    Not hating on him or anything, love his channel, just wondering, why is he not wearing a mask at the store?

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